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OH MY...! I have watched this video over and over... It makes so much sense that it's almost like 'well duh!' Why haven’t I seen it this way before? — Victoria

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is this advice suitable for men and women?

Yep. I’ve had men and women of of varying needs use this. There is no discrimination of gender, weight, or any other factor. It works across the board. Period.

Q. I’m not 20-30, will this advice still work for someone a lot older?

Yes, and I know that because I’ve already had plenty of people in their 50?s and 60?s experience great success. Obviously the younger you are the more likely the results will be dramatic, but fantastic results are achievable at any age.

Q. Is the advice in this video extreme?

No. It’s not a super low carb or low calorie extreme diet or crash diet plan. As a matter of fact, it’s the exact opposite. It’s a way that you can eat and maintain for the long term.

Q. What if I’m a vegetarian?

You can still create the same fat burning meal plans as a vegetarian. No one said you had to be a meat lover to drop fat off your body and get the body you want. I can even help you to adapt your favourite vegetarian meals to make them even more nutritious, healthy, and efficient at weight loss.

Q. I’m going through menopause. Is that a problem?

Actually, this way of eating and exercising often alleviates a lot symptoms experienced during menopause, helping to regulate hormones, and making this time in life a lot easier to deal with. What could make you feel more positive than losing weight?

Q. Is this suitable if I’m pregnant?

Well now here’s something I also have firsthand experience with. Not only can you follow my advice before, during, and after pregnancy, I highly recommend it.

It’s actually the exact way I went through my second pregnancy, and it’s a great way to nourish your growing baby and you at the same time, not to mention the fact that you will not gain an excessive amount of weight during your pregnancy and if you stick to it like me, you’ll be back in shape almost immediately after your pregnancy.

Q. I’m allergic to certain foods, does that cause any issues?

It’s not a problem at all. If you can’t eat certain foods, they just do not become a part of your fat burning meal plan. Simple. I can help you adapt and create a meal plan that’s perfect for your needs.

This is also not an all or nothing plan. The advice I give even works if you begin with one small change at a time. Most people even experience dramatic changes after just incorporating one of the principles taught in the program. So no, you don’t have to be perfect all the time to see incredible results. You create the program that is ideal and best for your lifestyle and I will give you the tools to do just that. For example, I have people seeing good results without doing any exercise at all.