7 Secrets Of Consistent Exercisers

Let’s face it, it’s not that difficult to start a fitness routine. After all, most of us have done it numerous times in the past.

The problem for most people, is sticking with it. That initial enthusiasm can quickly disappear, when we find ourselves giving more and more excuses not to continue with the exercise routine.

But, there are lots of people out there who can maintain a consistent exercise program, which means you can do it, too.

7 Secrets Of Consistent Exercisers

1. They Workout Most Days
When you do something only a few times each week, it’s very difficult for it to become a habit. That’s way exercising six days each week is actually easier, than working out only two or three times in the week.
The more consistent you can be with this, the easier it will be to become a habit in your life — almost automatic, like eating breakfast, or taking a shower, first thing in the morning.

2. They Prioritize
Make exercise a priority for you, that is, it’s non-negotiable. Ever.

You must get this into your mind, if you are to make exercise a habit for life.

3. They Exercise First Thing
Often when you’re really busy, getting your workout done first thing in the morning, is the best way to overcome inconsistency.

I also find that working out in the morning sets the tone for the day ahead, so I make more healthful choices throughout the day, and I feel more energized as a result.

4. They Make a Commitment
When you commit to working out with someone else, even if it’s just for one or two days in the week, you’ll find you are much less likely to skip your workouts.

For some people the social aspect of exercise is hugely important, so this could be a great way to get you exercising more frequently.

5. They Get Organized
l suggest laying out your workout gear (clothes, shoes, interval timer, watch, etc.) before you go to bed. That way you will have fewer obstacles to overcome in the morning, so can get right into your exercise routine, with no setbacks or hinderances.

6. They Make A Start
Getting started is usually the most difficult part. So, tell yourself that all you need to do is get up, put your workout gear on, and start exercising. Don’t focus on how much, or what you have to do.

Mostly, you’ll find that when you get those initial few minutes over with, you’ll want to keep going, since you’ve already made the effort.

7. They Take A Rest
Don’t forget that recovery is very important, too. In fact, that’s one reason why you will be working different muscle groups each day on this program.

And, having one complete day off from your exercise is equally important to recharge your batteries, and prevent burnout.

What tips can you share on establishing regular exercise habits?

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